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Turn Your Story Into Profits & Purpose

How to let the moments that created you drive you forward...

Write Your Story Now.. 5 Steps to Aligning Your Life --> http://bit.ly/codiesanchez

I remember the moment it all changed for me, when I realized that life is too short to live small and that we each have a unique skill we were meant to share with the world.

“Life is too short to live small.”

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Should I Go to Business School?

To MBA or Not to MBA: That Is The Question

Do you know as Millennials we are the most educated generation? There are about 75 million of us, and 63% have a Bachelor's degree.* That's 47 million people with college degrees. That means in the US we have more millennials with college degrees, than we do people below the poverty line (43 million in US live below that line). Pretty cool progress, huh? Contrast that with this stat, 51% of Millennials say they want to own a business in the next 5 years. Sooo a cool 38 million more business owners coming our way. Are you one of those?

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Four Steps to Having Customers Line Up

Why Build It When You Can Borrow It?

It’s a noisy and crowded world. But you have an idea that is going to break through. You’re a creative, an inspirer, a doer on a mission to share your why with the world. You have the website, you obviously have the skills, your mom LOVES the ideas and your business cards are on point. The only problem? You open the doors, send out your mass mailing announcement and… crickets. All the people who said they loved your idea just may love it, but not enough to pay for it. 

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Start A Clothing Brand: But Don't Go Bankrupt ;) 

With Nasty Gal declaring Chapter 11 Bankruptcy this week, it made me realize how the shiny bow is often on the gnarliest of presents. Don't let the veneer fool you, starting a business ain't for sissies. 

“Don’t let the veneer fool you, starting a business ain’t for sissies. ”

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Marketing: Get Noticed In A Crowd

How To Market (aka Sell) Like A Pro

You have product, you want to sell said product, but you need to get your incredible product noticed in order to sell it. That's marketing 101, right? Here’s the problem, marketing is crowded, noisy and confusing. So how do you quiet the noise and trumpet your ideas like a supersonic blast? How do your blog posts and paid endorsements not drown in the sea of sameness? We are going to talk about one marketing industry vet's ideas for how to jumpstart marketing right off the OR table.