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The art of standing out in a crowded, noisy, colorful crowd. 
If you find yourself doing what everyone else is doing, you might want to take a pause.

How To Market (aka Sell) Like A Pro

You have product, you want to sell said product, but you need to get your incredible product noticed in order to sell it. That's marketing 101, right? Here’s the problem, marketing is crowded, noisy and confusing. So how do you quiet the noise and trumpet your ideas like a supersonic blast? How do your blog posts and paid endorsements not drown in the sea of sameness? We are going to talk about one marketing industry vet's ideas for how to jumpstart marketing right off the OR table.

We’re going to talk about if traditional marketing is dead and social marketing has won the game? We are going to talk about where to spend your hard earned money? How do you use the right channels and why? And the man leading us today has a killer perspective as a long time traditional marketing content specialist. Jim Knapp (@jim_knapp) is a media man… 45 minutes with him is like a shot of marketing adrenaline straight to the heart. Jim leads marketing business development for Bonneville Phoenix, KTAR and Arizona Sports, he’s spent thirty years crafting the pitches of companies who want to touch us all through the airwaves.

Why do I have him on here instead of some blonde 20 something blogger talking about shoppable links and S4S? Well h*ll I’ll probably have one of those on here too BUT I firmly believe that when everyone is crowding one space you need to think long and hard about why you two are pushing through the crowds, remember; what if it was easy?

Here are some of the questions Jim answers: Get excited. 

  1. What are most people doing wrong with social media and traditional marketing?
  2. Talk to me about the differences between the two?
  3. Who is doing traditional media really well? Who is combining the two well?
  4. How do you judge returns and reach?
  5. For someone who is building a business or brand what advice do you have for them in how to engage in marketing?
  6. When do ads make sense, where and what are the keys to doing this right?
  7. How do you narrow down your audience (the mad men story)
  8. What are the biggest mistakes happening in marketing right now?
  9. What is the one thing any person looking to sell something should do now?

Hope you enjoy! Ciao!

Codie Sanchez 

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