You Have A Story, You Have A Purpose, Let's Share It...

By Codie Sanchez Baker

How to let the moments that created you drive you forward...

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I remember the moment it all changed for me, when I realized that life is too short to live small and that we each have a unique skill we were meant to share with the world.

Life is too short to live small.

It's scary to share who you are, why you do what you do, and add in those moments you aren't so proud of, but that shaped you. There's a unique blend of not wanting to be ego driven in declaring yourself and also wanting to hold yourself accountable to holding your standard high by doing just that, declaring yourself.

There is also the real acknowledgement that am I at the top of the summit? H*ll no! Am I saying I'm something great and amazing, ummm negative. What I am saying is that I wouldn't switch my life for any other, and I'm d*mn curious to see where it leads. The beauty of that is, I'm nothing special but I'm living a life that I love. Are there problems? YES! But when it comes to business, my journey to weave together passion + profits + purpose, I'm a pretty happy camper. The beauty is, if I can do any of this, I don't know a human that cannot.

The beauty is, if I can do any of this, I don’t know a human that cannot.

I remember my moment… before any of my money, success, travel or titles.. I was a journalist. I traveled in Mexico, writing about the brutal mutilation of women in Juarez, to narcos in Tijuana, to rape centers in Agua Prieta. It was heavy stuff to see as a 20 year old, and the last story I wrote changed my life. From there, I realized I can't live a common life no matter how humble my beginnings.

You see my secret is, I’m nothing special.

You see my secret is, I’m nothing special.

I’m a public school kid, before I went to Georgetown and Goldman Sachs, before I ran a multi-million dollar company, before I was an investor closing my first big deal, and before I traveled the world speaking and consulting at age 30, I didn’t come from money.   My father is from immigrants and didn’t go to college, and my mom is a 30-year special education teacher.   I had to think long and hard about how you make change without power.  I've spent the last years like the investigative journalist I was, documenting every step of my climb through Corporate America and Finance.  I’ve interviewed hundreds of execs, psychologists, leaders, and change makers, seeking out those at the highest pinnacles to learn their ways. Now I share with you because, my why is to bring more humans like you, who want to make an impact, into the epi-centers of power, and money.

Here's my story.. I'm curious to hear yours.. I'm curious to start talking about moments. The moments that defined your life, that led you to drive more. What was your MOMENT? And did you follow it?

What was your MOMENT? And did you follow it?

Write Your Story Now.. 5 Steps to Aligning Your Life -->

Love you animals,

Codie Sanchez