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Tim Dyer, Co-Founder & Chief Storyteller of one of Inc 500’s fastest growing companies speaks truth


Have you ever sat across from someone and just instantly known you wanted to dive deeper into the conversation. The other person literally had you hanging on every word. That was my experience the first time I met Tim Dyer and actually his brother, business partner, and twin Dave Dyer as well. Tim is the Chief Storyteller and Co-Founder of Manifesto Agency. Tim is my favorite kind of human, a status quo disrupter. He’s built his life around the power of the word, to not only sway someone, but to sway someone towards real purpose and meaning. On this podcast, you’ll see why Manifesto is on the Inc 500’s fastest growing business list, and how these two guys who started their business with no money, no clients and in a coffee shop, created the #7 fastest growing ad company in the game. If you are searching for how to define your brand, business, or self, how to tell a story and get heard, or how to build something that matters, this is the podcast for you.


I want to start this off a little differently…

I want to read you the Manifesto (what I would call the Why) that is the foundation of Tim & Dave’s company. Given the company is duly named Manifesto, it makes perfect sense…

Get ready to get goosebumps…

We are the fearless ones. The why-nots in a world of cannots. We believe in lightning strikes.



We are the fearless ones. The why-nots in a world of cannots. We believe in lightning strikes.

A belief that puts insights and stories above artifice and vanity. We believe in the tin man’s heart.

Soulless brands are only meaningful when given a fleshy, beating heart.

We believe in tilting at windmills. 

Sometimes the best causes are those only the dreamers, the dare-ers and the blind can see. 

We believe in care over commerce. That when you give a d**mn, you’ll inspire others to do the same.

We believe in the life lived deliberately. “Most men go to their graves with their song still in them.”

We will make our finite lives and work count, each informing the other—and both be better for it. We believe in the immutable power of story and those who propel it.

We believe brands were meant to stand for more.


We believe in the life lived deliberately. “Most men go to their graves with their song still in them.”


Some of my favorite quotes from our conversation:

On drafting off the cultural conversation. “It’s a little like walking into the middle of a street fight and putting on a pantomime show. I’d like to see that.”
"Just as much Substance as Sizzle." (Talking about Summit Conference we met at).
"We look at the triangulation of ideas. Imagine a Ven Diagram. We look for where all the parts intersect."
"Say it square and then say it with flair."
"Find people who speak truth into your life."
"Be unapologetically unafraid in taking the life pivots that speak to you."
Your Onlyness – The one thing that you want to be known for, that unique something that only you bring.

Framework for How They Help Brands:

If you own a company, are coming up with your own personal why, or want to align your team around one, this process is so deliciously applicable.

1)     Origin: Why does your brand exist?

  • Did you start in a garage? Handed down from a family member? Created in an college dorm room?)

2)     Ambitions: What does your organization aspire to be?

  • What do you hope to stand for and stand out in, in this world?


3)     Attributes: Your DNA? What DNA makes up the organization?

  •  What are your unique qualities that you bring to the table? Your onlyness.


I’ll leave you all with this…

There is only one thing worse in the world than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.
— Oscar Wilde


I hope you enjoy my conversation with Tim as much as I did. I have a sneaking suspicion you will.


Love You Animals,


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