Grow Your Audience and Monetize Your Passion.

The How to Your Why


Grow Your Audience and Monetize Your Passion.

The How to Your Why




This is for the DOERS in a Sea of Talkers:

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I want to learn more about…

Everything starts with your income…

Before we can talk investiNG,

We have to have money to invest, right?

And that typically comes from every human starting with a gig. Someone else funding your dreams for a bit. However, interviewing isn’t exactly a walk in the park is it? And it turns out people usually aren’t very good at even getting to the interview.

That explains why I keep seeing the massive amount of people who hate what they do and usually don’t get paid enough to do it.

I don’t believe that is necessary and to be fair, I was a bit tired of answering this question. So let’s fix that. While we are at it, I thought, we not give all the proceeds to veterans who want to make their transition out of the military. Sound good?

Thus, I wrote this guide for you with exact outreach templates for you to use to get your dream job, and then start turning that paycheck into an investing strategy. I called it:



P.s. I used this same template to get three of my highest paying jobs…. that I wasn’t exactly qualified for (yet!). Cough cough. My rule has always been to give myself permission before I ask someone else for it. As long as I know I will outwork, and out question everyone else, it hasn’t steered me astray yet.

**Disclaimer… this has a cost associated with it. WHY?? When 99.9% of all I do is for free. Well - that would be because too many people read and don’t act. The goal here is you won’t buy it, if you won’t act on it. Go be one of the few who do.

Then the kicker is you can feel extra positive about it because your pay goes to fund vets transition out of the military.


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