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My goal is to give actionable, tactical, experientially proven strategies and resources to diverse humans looking to grow their business, career or voice within our communities. If you are strivers or grinders, looking to break out of the status quo.. let's talk. Media kit here, bio here, testimonials here. 


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Codie Sanchez Keynote Speaker

Be the Few Who Do.

Keynote speaker, investor & entrepreneur.

Forbes - Negotiate Like A Pro to Get What You Want (2017)

Forbes - How To Actually Get The Introductions You're Asking For (2017)

Forbes - Your Mic Drop Moment: How To Give A Talk To Remember - Perfecting Your Sales Language (2017) Delivering a Memorable Presentation (2017)

Business Collective -6 Ways to Overcome Your Discomfort and Ask for What You Want

Nathan Lustig Blog - Championing Diversity and Encouraging Investment in Latin America (2017)

Hispanic Executive - Pursuit of Purpose

BeVisible - My Road to CEO and Finance Exec (2014)

Latinas In Business -Human Stories to Economic Empowerment  (2014)

Latino Magazine -Defining Diversity (2014)

Why We Started TR -Redefining How We Shop 

How to Do It All -Tips On How & Why Busy Is Good

Couture in the Suburbs -TR Changes the Field  (2015)

Mercado Bilingüe -Latina Style Breakdown (En Español)

MujerTexas -NYFW Style Breakdown (En Español) 

Business Collective -Tips On How To Ask For What You Want (2016)

Nenani -Helping the World Rewrite Stories (2017)

Jessica Moorhouse -How To Hustle To The Top (2017)

Kim Orlesky -Tips On How To Get Customers Chase You (2017)