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Make More Money: The One Thing You Should Do Right Now


You Don't Need A Loan, You Don't Need to Crowdfund, Here's What You Do Need...

What has had the biggest impact on my personal growth? Was it an Ivy league MBA? Was it a promotion? Was it a mentor/sponsorship? No, it was starting my own business. Don’t believe me? Let’s talk about why to start a side business, why you should, and why I am NOT telling you to quit your day job now, or maybe ever.

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How To Become A Millionaire.. From A Millionaire


Ask a Millionaire: Q&A on Hitting Seven Figures with Shawn Thomas of @AskaMillionaire

Let’s say you want to be a millionaire. So you google search, “how to become a millionaire?” and this guy’s face pops up. This is Shawn Thomas of (@askamillionaire or @askshawnthomas). And I bet you can guess what he’s achieved, and how many zeros’ come with it.

“Doubters Don’t Pay Your Bills. So Don’t Pay Them With Your Attention.”

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Four Steps to Having Customers Line Up


Why Build It When You Can Borrow It?

It’s a noisy and crowded world. But you have an idea that is going to break through. You’re a creative, an inspirer, a doer on a mission to share your why with the world. You have the website, you obviously have the skills, your mom LOVES the ideas and your business cards are on point. The only problem? You open the doors, send out your mass mailing announcement and… crickets. 

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Let’s Talk Benjamins: Banking & The $$$ Side of A Business


Talking Latino-Owned Businesses and How to Leverage Your Network…

In partnership with Chase, I spent the day in Houston speaking with hundreds of Latino business owners and professionals about the hurdles to self-starting, funding, and all around bringing in the business. That is the American dream, right? That si se puede (yes you can), be Self Made. Which happened to be the book title of as my interview subject Nely Galan (see interview here).