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Selling: The Art of Closing Deals w/ Kim Orlesky

Sick and Tired of Cold-calls and Emails Gone Unanswered?


As a saleswoman at heart, having @KimOrlesky on my podcast, the ultimate saleswoman, who has been able to land names on her podcast like Grant Cardone, Guy Kawasaki, Nathan Chan was like unleashing a nerdy teenager at a Comic festival. Kim has made a living out of teaching others, particularly entrepreneurs, how to take their ideas and turn it into actual cash flow. You see the funny thing that most business people realize after they get out of marketing classes and into the game of marketing, is that nothing really sells itself.

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Four Steps to Having Customers Line Up


Why Build It When You Can Borrow It?

It’s a noisy and crowded world. But you have an idea that is going to break through. You’re a creative, an inspirer, a doer on a mission to share your why with the world. You have the website, you obviously have the skills, your mom LOVES the ideas and your business cards are on point. The only problem? You open the doors, send out your mass mailing announcement and… crickets. All the people who said they loved your idea just may love it, but not enough to pay for it. 

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Storytelling: You Have A Story


Here is How You Tell It

Today I went to a charity event in Dallas. Now typically how these things go are like this: lots of beautiful women, beautifully dressed, buying beautiful things, on behalf of a charity. All good, right? A bit surface level, but if at the end of the day we are helping a worthwhile cause I am all for it. Today though I went deep, my heart hurt a bit. Why? Well – I typically don’t ask women what they do at these events, because many of them work inside the home and thus they seem to feel awkward when I ask that question.



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How To Close Multi-Million Dollar Deals


Lessons from a Financier: How He’s Closed Million to Billion deals from Ireland to Saudi Arabia

Adam Sadiq - Managing Partner New World Capital Advisors

Today is a fun one. If you are interested in angel investing, startups, entrepreneurship, investments, closing big huge deals, then this is the dude for you. Adam Sadiq is Managing Partner of International private placement firm New World Capital Advisors. Which means that he goes around Europe, the Middle East and Asia and finds investment opportunities for the big boys from Private equity, to hedge funds, to real estate. 

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How To Turn $0 An Hour Work Into Profits


“If it’s not profitable it is not sustainable.”

How To Catch the Big Fish...

There are two ways to sell anything in life 1) whale hunting 2) daily casting. Most people spend their lives doing the latter. Why? Because hunting big fish is scary. What happens if you don't catch it? Am I going to starve? It seems so much safer to play in the shallows and go after the small fish. The problem is that the fishing is best where the fewest go. Thus this interview is about how to fish in the depths in order to turn the strategic work you are doing into major cash flow. Listen in for this specific actionable plan with Latina Bloggers Connect.