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So You Want To Be Instagram Famous

So You Want To Be Instagram Famous

CEO of FYI Jamie Reardon Talks Influence

 Jamie Reardon CEO and Cofounder of Find Your Influence

 Jamie Reardon CEO and Cofounder of Find Your Influence

This blondie is a power player in the digital marketing space, CEO & Co-founder of the leading platform Find Your Influence FYI.


Listen up to hear what is happening in this new world of bloggers, online branding and influencer marketing...

After seeing a need in the digital marketing space Jamie, with colleague and co-founder Cristine Vieira,  quit her corporate job to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. What happened next was FYI, Find Your Influence, the automated influencer management tool that’s changed the digital marketplace.

In our interview Jamie shares:  

  • How she maximizes her time
  • Actionable advice for growing your online presence
  • What enables people to succeed
  • Her insights into the future of the digital marketing industry
  • The top 3 books that have influenced her life

Enjoy the interview and be sure to visit concluding links for more on Jamie's start up journey and success at FindYourInfluence.


Codie Sanchez Baker

Codie: What is the single most important action or system you have in place to insure you maximize your time?

In terms of maximizing my time, putting everything on my Outlook Calendar and doing my best to maintain the schedule has been an incredibly important action for me.  This also ensures strategic planning time is always a priority and put on the calendar.

Codie: If you had to share one actionable piece of advice with anyone trying to up their personal brand and/or online presence what would it be?

In the B2B world, influencer marketing’s most valuable commodity is thought leadership – good brands crave the endorsement of thought leaders, and the best brands become thought leaders themselves. The next generation of thought leaders must continue to build rich portfolios of content, networking and connecting to others they find influential in the space, and ensuring they post regularly, on-topic and offer forward-thinking content to put themselves in a position to maximize theirs – and their B2B brand partners – success.

Codie: What is one thing that you absolutely believe is true that 90% of the population does not?

“Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it”

Codie: What allows people to achieve high levels of success?

Focusing on the present while remaining strategic.  It is amazing what can be accomplished when we focus on the present while remaining strategic.  It removes the fear and keeps our head in the game.

Codie: Why do you think that brands and corporations are working more and more with influencers? And where do you see this industry going in the next 3-5 years? 

On scale, the B2B sales cycle is much longer than a traditional B2C engagement, requiring significantly more audience targeting and curation to ensure prospects are moving through the sales funnel efficiently. Other B2C digital tactics have come and gone in the B2B world, but influencer marketing allows brands to identify thought leaders who share a common audience, and to leverage their thought leadership to offer a third party endorsement to a brand, service or product. As content seekers continue to self-select where and how they receive and curate their information, it’s crucial brands take advantage of as many different delivery methods as possible. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that across verticals, influencer marketing offers an average 7:1 ROI.

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