The "Shan Man"of 98KUPD Opens Up About Being the REAL YOU 

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Most things in life that are worthwhile, you gotta work at. You get out what you put in. It’s as simple as that. It’s kind of a universal law.”
— James Hetfield, Metallica

Below is my interview with the Shan-Man: 98KUPD On-Air Personality, Podcast Producer & Trainer, and Business Developer. Enjoy!

Codie Sanchez Baker

Codie: What is the single most important action or system you have in place to ensure you maximize your time?

Having my email list on automate with the accepted number of follow-up emails in conjunction to batching content out all at once so I don't have to worry about making content every week--unless something is time sensitive. This goes for creating Instagram Stories, batching "commercials" on my Facebook Live feeds.  I tend to be a "real-time" guy so if anything I have that is on automate, going to benefit me to get them on my email list and have an automation campaign pushing to new subscribers. 

Codie: If you had to share one actionable piece of advice with anyone trying to achieve and better themselves what would it be?

Take time to breathe and meditate with affirmations.  Things seem to fall in place when you give yourself the gift to love yourself and treat yourself the best.  I truly believe that the moments you take for yourself to be gracious of the life you're given, you will be greeted with opportunities without worrying about where the next opportunity will come from.  As an old friend once told me, "You do you," and the rest falls in place.

Codie: What is one thing that you absolutely believe is true that 90% of the population does not?

Food and exercise = medicine.

More than two-thirds of adults are overweight followed by one-third who are obese. While it may not be exactly 90% of the population who fall into this epidemic, I believe that 90% of our ailments can be cured through nutritious whole foods, daily exercise and meditation.  It wasn't until I experienced severe bleeding and inflammation in and ON my body from a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle--especially being on the radio!  When I turned my diet from ham and cheese sandwiches with a side of Doritos and a Coke to whole cooked foods, my ailments went away. Back pain went away. Things became clear to me and it was as if I was open to a whole new life. When I found my psoriasis had disappeared, I asked myself, "Why didn't I do this a lot sooner?"

Food is medicine. Exercise is therapy.


Codie: You have a totally unique voice and style, how'd you develop your "brand," what would you recommend to others looking to differentiate themselves?

Skip being safe and stop giving a sh*t about what other people think. I can guarantee you that whatever you do that seems a little "off" to the general public actually resonates with a group of individuals just like you.  Your tribe of lifers will come around and love you if you stay consistent with who YOU are, not who you aren't.

For me, I was afraid of what others would think if I grew long hair and a beard at age 31.  I was afraid someone would say that I looked ridiculous because it wasn't the "in" look. One day, I just said, "Who the f*ck cares? I'm going to do this because I like it, not because it's not accepted."  It was that attitude that fed into building my own brand.

Over the years, I learned to strengthen my brand through giving people experiences.  I've turned haters into fans.  I've turned fans into friends.

In other words, I give a sh*t what they think, listen to what they have to say and give them my full and undivided attention--that's what wins people over. I learned that even though I couldn't give my attention to all fans, people SEE that I make efforts to listen, fist bump, hug, take a selfie, teach a lesson and share a story.  Even though I may have said the same story 100 times, that story is always heard for the first time to anyone that meets me. They deserve that experience. People take that stuff away and cherish it in their own personal box of memories. 

When you develop your brand, acknowledge  people with intent because that goes far beyond any sales video, product or service.  Be honest and transparent about who you are.  People appreciate it more than a version of yourself that is fabricated.  People have to "GET" the REAL YOU and that's what they'll buy.


Codie: You talk in sound bites for a living, what mistakes do the average people make when engaging with the media like you?

I think a common mistake was that I am all about sex, drugs and rock and roll--an over-indulgent lifestyle. Anyone who really pays attention to what I say on the radio or follow my social feeds notice I actually gear toward a positive life. While some rockstars still live a destructive lifestyle, too many have died for the rest of use to learn those hard lessons.  I wouldn't say it's a mistake no more than it's a misconception in their mind that someone like me is better than them. 

That will never be the case because I pull my pants up the same exact way. I'll never be a level higher than anyone because I've still got more to accomplish when it comes to raising other people up.

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