Everything starts with your income..


Before we can talk investing…

We have to have money to invest, right?

In partnership with Texans For Veterans & GS Vet Alum Project for each guide used, we help a veteran find a job!

The question becomes how do we gain income to then invest?

That typically comes from every human starting with a gig. Someone else funding your dreams for a bit. However, interviewing isn’t exactly a walk in the park is it? And it turns out people usually aren’t very good at even getting to the interview.

That explains why I keep seeing the massive amount of people who hate what they do and usually don’t get paid enough to do it.

I got tired of that and answering the same question. Let’s fix that. And while we are at it, let’s give all the proceeds to veterans who want to make their transition. Sound good?

So I wrote this guide for you with exact outreach templates for you to use to get your dream job, and then start turning that paycheck into an investing strategy.


P.s. I used this same exact step by step template to get three of my highest paying jobs…. that I wasn’t exactly qualified for yet. Cough cough. Don’t let others tell you you can’t too.

**Also disclaimer… this has a cost associated with it. WHY when everything else I do is for free. Well - that would be because too many people read and don’t act. The goal here is you won’t buy it if you won’t act on it. Go be one of the few who do. And feel extra good about it because your pay goes to fund vets transition out of the military.

A sneak peek of what you will get here…

In this 2018 article below on The Alumni Society I alluded to this exact template.

The truth of the matter is, you don’t need to ask for permission.

You need to give yourself permission. Start now.