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Don't be afraid to ask for what you want


I’m a bit of a renegade at heart so I have always been a Christopher Hitchens fan (author of “Letters to A Young Contrarian”). Less because of his actual viewpoints, many of which I disagree with, but because it is such an uncomfortable position to go against the grain and he does it for a living. Every time I find myself moving with the crowd, I make myself pause and rethink my situation. I credit this practice to reading that book at a very young age. ...

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Dominate Powerpoint: Tom Jamieson Founder Slidebot

As you all know I love nothing more than a super actionable breakdown from an expert in their space, not to mention I like telling the future. Well Tom Jamieson Co-founder of Slidebot kind of does just that. Slidebot is AI for powerpoints. Just imagine NEVER having to put together a powerpoint again (I kid you not I am using it right now). You see, Tom and his brother Ned have seen their fair share of presentations, think in the tens of thousands. #deathbypowerpoint

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A Seat At The Table Beats A Sign Outside the Building

How to Turn Protest into Progress

Put Your Plastic Where Your Purpose Is

All around the world we see protest, signs held aloft, voices raised, and people telling us what they stand against, but not always showing us what they stand for. Believe me I get it ...

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Should I Go to Business School?

Do you know as Millennials we are the most educated generation? There are about 75 million of us, and 63% have a Bachelor's degree.* That's 47 million people with college degrees. That means in the US we have more millennials with college degrees, than we do people below the poverty line (43 million in US live below that line). Pretty cool progress, huh? Contrast that with this stat, 51% of Millennials say they want to own a business in the next 5 years. Sooo a cool 38 million more business owners coming our way. Are you one of those?

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How to Not Waste A Sh*T Ton of Time At Work

And Then you Get to Work Less, Sweet Right? 

There is an epidemic. I'm serious. It's called the 8 hour work day and the fact that we waste 60% of our day at work, not actually in fact working. Don't believe me?

Between excessive email (which actually makes you lose IQ points, 10 to be exact, by fielding constant email), unproductive meetings (which cost US companies $37 billion in salary cost) and distractions at work (80% of which are considered trivial), we work more and get less done.

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