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How To Become A Millionaire.. From A Millionaire


How To Become A Millionaire.. From A Millionaire

Written by Codie Sanchez                                                              


Ask a Millionaire: Q&A on Hitting Seven Figures with Shawn Thomas of @AskaMillionaire


Let’s say you want to be a millionaire. So you google search, “how to become a millionaire?” and this guy’s face pops up. This is Shawn Thomas of (@askamillionaire or @askshawnthomas). And I bet you can guess what he’s achieved, and how many zeros’ come with it.

Doubters Don’t Pay Your Bills. So Don’t Pay Them With Your Attention.

To be honest, the millionaire status wasn’t as interesting to me, although I suppose it does mean he is in the global 1%. What was interesting is that he is now building a business on how to teach others to accomplish the same thing, financial freedom. And people are eating it up. In fact, he has amassed millions (there's that word again) of followers because humans want to know how to achieve the elusive 7-figure-dream. But the best part is that Shawn has one of my favorite characteristics, he’s not that nice. (Sorry, Shawn but don’t worry I’m not that nice either). What does that mean? It means that in this breakdown he is the type of human that actually tells you what it will take to achieve a high level of financial success, he doesn’t sugar coat it and he just might help you get there as opposed to most coaches that tell you if you “visualize it enough” or if you “believe in yourself," that you will wiggle your magic fingers and make it happen.

So Shawn and I dive into where most people mess up, how you can achieve financial success 10x as fast, the future of building social media followings, and he even goes into my favorite realm of what happens when you achieve it all, and still have that little hole inside of you. From playing for the circus, to signing a record deal, to going $100k in debt this guy epitomizes what it means to climb and share not just your highlight reel. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Shawn Thomas as much as I did…


My Favorite Lines:

  • On how to grow a big following: “Just start, most people don’t do even that.”
  • The question he gets asked the most: “How do I find success?”
  • How he defines success: 
Balance of 7 areas of my life: Spiritual, Health, Bank Account, Friends, Love, Family, and Business.

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