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How to Not Waste A Sh*T Ton of Time At Work

How to Not Waste A Sh*T Ton of Time At Work

Written by Codie Sanchez                                                                 Topics: The Struggle Isn't Real

And Then you Get to Work Less, Sweet, Right? 

Save time

There is an epidemic. I'm serious. It's called the 8 hour work day and the fact that we waste 60% of our day at work, not actually in fact working. Don't believe me?

Between excessive email (which actually makes you lose IQ points, 10 to be exact, by fielding constant email), unproductive meetings (which cost US companies $37 billion in salary cost) and distractions at work (80% of which are considered trivial), we work more and get less done. Imagine if you could get back 24 working hours each week. Let's try to make a dent in it.**(Sources below)

It's So Easy No One Does lt - I'm going to be snarky for a minute, if you can't deal scroll on. Start here: Don't check your email 36 times an hour (the average person does). Let's begin there. But seriously, if you work with me you'll note, I typically respond to email 3x a day. My teams all have my cell if it needs immediate response they text me, otherwise I'll respond in AM, lunch, and PM. I batch the rest of the day in time-blocked hours. Three to be exact - Client Touches, Deep Work, Administrative. Go to blog for more specifics. 

Willpower enabler -  Just like not buying junk food for the house I try to toss distractions. I use clearlock, it locks your phone from all tantalizing apps for 10 min to 3 hours. Also probably good for you single peeps so you don't make any embarrassing wine infused texts #multitasking. Only way to reopen is hard reboot.  

Save Time

Set DeadlinesFocus Booster is one of my FAVS. It lets you power through tasks with set deadlines using the Pomodoro Technique (which is well researched, it's like science guys). You work on one task for 25 uninterrupted minutes, then take five, and on you go. 

Save Time

Quote I am ruminating on, “Time is the most valuable coin in your life. You and you alone will determine how that coin will be spent. Be careful that you do not let other people spend it for you.” - Carl Sandburg

Say No- It's the things we don't do that make all the difference. People always want to talk on the phone. Can I call? Call me when you get a sec? Can we chat? Honestly - when the calls are internal, personal or not from clients, I say no. Script, "Shoot, about to get on a flight, then a ton of meetings. I want to make sure I help, what can I do for ya? Or what did you want to chat about?" Inevitably, they tell me. And 99.999% of the time it REALLY did not warrant a call. Remember the goal is to help the person, not to give them control of your schedule. If you let people waste your time they will even if they don't mean to, hard but true.

PS I also never answer unknown numbers and rarely answer direct calls unless from clients.

PS I also never answer unknown numbers and rarely answer direct calls unless from clients. I listen to VM or get email, then respond. I'm not big time, or a jerk, I just truly do not know how to get all I want to get done otherwise.

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