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Start A Clothing Brand: But Don't Go Bankrupt ;)

Start A Clothing Brand: But Don't Go Bankrupt ;)

Written by Codie Sanchez                       Topics: The Struggle Isn't Real


Start A Clothing Brand

With Nasty Gal declaring Chapter 11 Bankruptcy this week, it made me realize how the shiny bow is often on the gnarliest of presents. Don't let the veneer fool you, starting a business ain't for sissies. 

Don’t let the veneer fool you, starting a business ain’t for sissies.

People, I dig this episode a lot because I love nothing more than a super actionable breakdown from an expert in their space. This is the episode for you if you want to build a distribution company OR a fashion/apparel/graphic tee company. You all actually requested this one, so that is extra fun. 

And it makes sense right, I mean haven't you ever had a quote and thought GOD I should make this into a t-shirt. Well here's how to do it.. and we are assuming you know all the normal business portions we focus on the nitty gritty of clothing. I know Sophia Amoroso is all the rage, graphic tees are selling like hot cakes (I’m probably the largest purchaser), and boutique brands are popping up more frequently than election memes so there has to be something here. 

But the questions are: 

How do you in fact build a fashion or t-shirt company? (without going broke)

What the heck is screen printing ?

When does it make sense to start your own company , how do you do it on the cheap? 

What is the biggest surprise, and what kills dreams of beautiful graphic tees faster than anything?

We answer all these and more!

For the first 10 minutes we dive into how to build any company (and not hire shitty people in particular). The rest of it we get down and dirty into the not so fancy side of fashion. 

There is more noise than you can imagine in clothing, it’s a crowded industry. If you don’t know your differentiator. You are in trouble.
— Ryan Egan

Well without further ado I have on for you Ryan Egan @slcactivewear , the T-shirt & Apparel Queen. Ryan is founder of SLC activewear and comes from a long line of apparel distributors. I can vouch for the fact that she literally can tell what brand you're wearing without looking at your label. Superpowers.

Honestly, if you are looking to start a clothing company make sure you listen from 15 minutes in, it will save you a world of headache. 

P.S. Thought to live by... "There is more noise than you can imagine in clothing, it's a crowded industry. If you don't know your differentiator. You are in trouble." - Ryan Egan



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