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Harvard Educated Success Coach Shares Her Secrets

Harvard Educated Success Coach Shares Her Secrets

Written by Codie Sanchez                                                                Topics: The Struggle Isn't Real

You have to realize you are in full control of you. Fear is just a feeling. And it is certainly not you.
— Brooklyn Elysa

There are trends that hold true amongst those that have attained great success, accomplished incredible feats and attacked life with zeal. Those patterns fascinate me. Secretly I’m enthralled with the idea that there is a recipe we might follow. One trend that I’ve consistently found between a veritable who’s who of celebrities, CEO’s, and life changers, is that they seek out guides. They surround themselves with experts in numerable facets of their lives. There really is no self-made human. If we too strive to become a multi-faceted person why not create our own little board of directors, our trusted roundtable. A doctor for our health, a personal trainer for our body, perhaps a nutritionist, but most importantly someone to pull back and look at the bigger picture. Why we are here and what do we want to accomplish in our time spent breathing? Serendipitously, I found Brooklyn Elysa or Brooke.

She is a Harvard educated, partner at a global consulting firm, mother, wife, road warrior and happens to look like Gisele had a baby with another blonde supermodel. She epitomizes the panoramic person who lives this certainly not perfect (she has a toddler and is super honest about her daily struggles and how she battles them), but gorgeous life. Oh and she happens to be a life-coach. I dug her right away because she is just so non-traditional. She likes her words four lettered, her bags designer, her processes based in the Socratic method, and she’s unapologetic about helping people make money not just sing kumbaya and use #girlboss hashtags to motivate. This chick is process oriented, results driven and her methods are steeped in years aligning big international businesses.

So I hope you enjoy this interview with Brooke. We talk about everything from how she pursues happiness, pushes through fear, tracks her goals in a systematic way and how she created a brand that led to $500k in annual revenue, pursuing her passion, all from Instagram.

 My favorite quotes from Brooke:

Recognize that you have a voice in your head and most importantly, recognize that you do not always have to listen to that voice. 

I’ve had highs, I’ve had lows, I’ve had breakthroughs and I’ve definitely had breakdowns.

You have to realize you are in full control of you. Fear is just a feeling. And it is certainly not you.

Don’t create a story around why you are afraid. There is no story. It is just a feeling.

I work with my clients to remove blind spots so they can move forward with velocity.

Just because something is not there does not mean that it is wrong.

We have this thing as humans where we avoid looking bad to try to look good, and we fall to our fear.

Be unreasonable.

Everyone has their own stories. Don’t compare yours. Your story is unique to you and it shapes who you are.

Resources from Brooke:

Mel Robbins – Stop Saying You're Fine (TED Talk & Book)

Happiness Planner – Her method for everyday happiness pursuit.

Mint software – A financial management app that is actually cool, interactive, comprehensive and built for our generation. Think if you could budget everything, see all your accounts and get alerts all from an app?


Codie Sanchez

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