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How To Close Multi-Million Dollar Deals

Written by Codie Sanchez Baker                                                              



Lessons from a Financier: How He’s Closed Million to Billion deals from Ireland to Saudi Arabia

Adam Sadiq - Managing Partner New World Capital Advisors

Today is a fun one. If you are interested in angel investing, startups, entrepreneurship, investments, closing big huge deals, then this is the dude for you. Adam Sadiq is Managing Partner of International private placement firm New World Capital Advisors. Which means that he goes around Europe, the Middle East and Asia and finds investment opportunities for the big boys from Private equity, to hedge funds, to real estate. Adam and I go way back to our days together at one of the world’s largest asset managers. I was heading up Latin America and Adam in Europe and the Middle East. I brought Adam on to talk to us about everything from how we sell, how to close big deals, how to get into investments and finance, how to climb the corporate ladder and how to transition from corporate America to building your own company. Below are some of my favorite quotes from Adam (by the way how much do you guys love his accent!).


Noteworthy soundbites:

On Youth and Inexperience: “Sometimes being 23 and knowing nothing is the best part. I like to open doors through naivety and use ignorance to find success.”

On Taking the Initiative: How he closed his first deal by buying his own plane ticket and asking for forgiveness later. “I knew if I asked permission I wouldn’t get the answer I was looking for, so I didn’t ask.”

“If I had followed the internal process I would have never closed my first $100 million dollar deal.”

Go to Markets with Dislocation: “If you are operating in conventional markets like Europe, the UK, the US, business is very systematic. If you follow the process you’ll get a share of the pie. If you start moving to emerging markets it is a different story, it is based on relationships and visibility.” ** I love this one ** working in emerging markets is a game changer.

Many relationships come to you by chance, but what you do with that relationship as a next step is what changes it all. Ultimately it can change your life.
— Adam Sadiq

Being Different: “My standpoint is to be against the grain of commoditization. I try to be ahead of the market and whenever everyone is doing one thing I try to go the other way.”

“You need to think about being niche. Not being everything to everyone.”

So without further ado I hope you enjoy this conversation with Adam Sadiq.


Codie Sanchez 


Find Adam Sadiq Here:

Twitter: @Adam_Sadiq

IG @adamsadiq

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