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How to Make a Good First Impression — Make Yourself Unforgettable

How to Make a Good First Impression — Make Yourself Unforgettable


Not Conforming Is What Makes You Unforgettable:

Sometimes, the things that are a part of you are what make you unforgettable. Just so we are clear. I'm a Spaniard. We like four letter words (or in this case 5 letter words). Fun fact, in Spain you'll note tv commercials for mothers cough syrup where the women says essentially F*ck I have a cold, then turns to her kids and the screen and smiles as she takes Dayquil. Swear. I cuss because one I like it, two I think there is power when used unexpectedly to shake people out of the norm, and three, because it keeps me from trying to please everyone and fit in a box. It makes me be unapologetic and show up fully. Do I use them in investment meetings or with clients? Nah. But in just about every other occasion, absolutely. 


If there is one thing I'm proud of, it's that what you see is largely what you get. I try to never lie, never hide, never fake it, because it's just easier to remember being straight up. But MAN that's taken me a while. Because if you are reading this there is a battle waging between what you want to do, should do, could do and actually do. And who you want to be, should be, could be and actually are. The goal of this week's Monday Slay, is making you step into uncomfortability so you can GROW. Why? Why not just conform?

Because then you are forgettable. You will never be remembered, you will never achieve great things. 

If you don’t piss some people off you will not even be an asterisk in the lowliest of history books. Does that sound like the kind of life you want? 


Five quick ways to be memorably you: 

We don't remember the suits, we remember the turtle neck wearing weirdos. So grab your turtleneck. 


1) Social pressure - Answer this question: What is something you believe deeply, truly, wholeheartedly that most people would disagree with you on? Now post that on your Instagram. More controversial the better. (Here's mine --> Click here).


2) Reach out - Send a DM, tweet, email and otherwise try to stalk down one person you secretly respect for their giving zero F's attitude. Ask them one question... When they get inundated by negativity, backlash or haters how do they find the strength to continue regardless of the pushback? 


3) Follow someone who does things that make even you uncomfortable --> Ashley LongshoreGary Vee...


4) Say No - A big thing. This week. Say No to going to see your in-laws because you don't want to, to an assignment you think doesn't make sense, to a guy who wants to talk to you, to your mother who wants to talk to you. Before you answer, pause and ask yourself do I WANT to do this, if not. Say No. Don't say why. Just say No. Powerful.


5) MAJOR KEY 'People hate you for one of three reasons. They hate themselves, they want to be you, or they see you as a threat.'


People hate you for one of three reasons. They hate themselves, they want to be you, or they see you as a threat.

Internalize that. So if you are liked all the time, what does that say? 


Be The Person They Always Remember...

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