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Dominate Powerpoint: Tom Jamieson Founder Slidebot


Dominate Powerpoint: Tom Jamieson Founder Slidebot

Say Ciao To Boring Pie Charts..

& Hello to Auto PowerPoints


Written by Codie Sanchez Baker       

Creating your own slides is so 2016. 
“Make slides that reinforce your words, not repeat them.”
— Seth Godin

As you all know I love nothing more than a super actionable breakdown from an expert in their space, not to mention I like telling the future. Well Tom Jamieson Co-founder of Slidebot kind of does just that. Slidebot is AI for powerpoints. Just imagine NEVER having to put together a powerpoint again (I kid you not I am using it right now). You see, Tom and his brother Ned have seen their fair share of presentations, think in the tens of thousands. #deathbypowerpoint

There are 20 million powerpoint presentations created a day, I beat 19.9 million of them are awful.
— Tom Jamieson

So if you are looking to perfect your pitch, want to nail your next presentation or have your eye on a Ted Talk this bad boy is for you. Since I'm told most people fear #1 public speaking and #2 death.. this will be a great fear conquering activity for you.


Three Key Takeaways:

- Pictures of eyes correlate to higher retention rates

- People remember visual content 65% better than verbal content

- Facts are 20x more likely to be remembered if they are part of a story


Some of our mutual favorite powerpoint presentations nailed: 

Brene Brown

Amy Cuddy

If you just want to hear his prediction that blew my mind fast forward to the end. Mind blown.

So my dears without further ado - I hope you dig this episode with Tom Jamieson of Slidebot!

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