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It's All About Who You Know: Get Your Partnerships Right

It's All About Who You Know: Get Your Partnerships Right

August 25, 2016


Written by Codie Sanchez                                                                   Topics: The Struggle Isn't Real 


In partnership with Chase Ink, I’ll be going live from the Connecting Minds Conference – a partnership between Chase Ink and the Houston Chamber of Conference - on August 29th at 11:30am CT (make sure to tune in on all my SM) to talk about strategic partnerships in your business. 

So what is this partnership all about? Well, they say we stand on the shoulders of giants. I think we stand on the shoulders of small business owners. The backbone of American innovation is made up of the millions of YOU, innovators, entrepreneurs and risk takers. You are the lifeblood. Then I ruminate on this statistic. In the last year 86% of new businesses were created by mi gente, Latinos. That’s $1.4 trillion that fellow Sanchez’s are putting into our economy. #adelante. The tough truth, however, is that one-in-three businesses doesn’t make it past the first year. What to do about it? Well, I believe that is largely due to the lack of professional networks had by business owners and the difficulty they have in accessing capital. So I am particularly excited to partner with Chase Ink and head down to the Connecting Minds event.

Your network determines your net-worth.

Think of Chase Ink as a business tool that can help build small businesses through access to broad business services through Chase for Business. From Chase Ink credit cards (which allow small business owners to use points in a way to seriously drive their bottom line), to the resources they have for business owners and Latinos, there are some pretty cool stories. Like one barber, Rich Mendoza of Filthy Rich Barbershop (love that name!), who used his 60,000 Chase Ink points to throw up a huge topiary mustache on the store front, to reel in more mustache-primping man clients. While, David and Emily Ojobaro of Squeezed Online turned their 60,000 Chase Ink points into a pop up DIY juice bar. Sounds lovely!

I’m ready to hear more about what else they have going on. We’re going to put our proverbial money where our mouths are and take some action. We’ll be speaking with Nely Galan, media-mogul, Emmy winner, entrepreneur and author of Self Made, the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and business owners around the area about building up your business network. The truth is, we all rise by lifting others. So if you are a business owner, a Latino, a curious potential entrepreneur, I want to hear from you and I want to chat with Chase Ink and everyone at the conference about your N-E-E-D-S.

Other Connecting Minds panelists include:

·      Lupe Murillo – CEO of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

·      Cesar Guerra – Chase Business Bankin

How do you as a small business make yourselves part of the small % who thrive and survive?

What do you want to hear about? What has been your experience with building a professional network? I want to bring back some answers and solutions for you. What do you want to know about building businesses, growing your relationship base,/ and accessing capital for your business?

Comment below and I will have the experts answer your questions. Or tell me on Instagram @codiesanchez or Twitter @codie_sanchez.

Also – let your voice be heard! Use #ChaseNegocios for their answers and give them a follow at the sites below. Lets show them what happens when small businesses and Latino-owned businesses come together.



Codie Sanchez 


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