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She Quit Her Job to Travel The World: How Can You?


She Quit Her Job to Travel The World: How Can You?

Written by Codie Sanchez                                                                    Topics: The Struggle Isn't Real 

Christina Fabritz - How To Vagabond, Travel, Wanderlust for a Living
We all live fast paced lives and it’s difficult, if not impossible, to take a step back and view our life strategically when we are treading water.
— Christina Fabritz

Christina Fabritz – CEO & Founder Flyburds

Like a story right out of the pages of our innermost diary, Christina’s tale is one we’ve all played out in our minds. What if we just quit our jobs, sold it all, and traveled the world? What if we did that thing that calls to us like a siren song? Christina Fabritz CEO & Founder of Flyburds, perpetual wander luster, reformed corporate exec, and 30 something, did just that. My favorite part of this interview is how relatable her story is for us all. From her Office Space like moment of almost losing it in her last company’s break room, to her wondering if she could do it, to the fact that it wasn’t some gut wrenching wake up call that hit her, it was a dirty coffee pot. This millennial version of Maureen Wheeler (Founder of Lonely Planet), shares what she does when fear tries to paralyze her, how she managed to fund her trip of more than 365 days, how she hasn’t paid rent in over a year, to the tools that changed the way she traveled. I hope you enjoy this authentic, soul searching interview from someone just like me and you, who forfeited the white picket fence and chose to take flight.

Her go to travel tools:

Triposo - Your own personal walking guide in any city, any time. 

Lonely Planet - Her go to for all things travel related from recommendations, to hotels and everything in between.

Flyburds - If Lonely Planet, Cosmo and Reddit had a travel related love child focused on the fairer sex.

DUFL– Imagine never having a suitcase to lug around ever again. For business travel especially, they send you a duffle, you send them your clothes, they dry clean and have them prepped and ready at all your destinations. **We both haven't used this one but we are dying to!**

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