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Selling: The Art of Closing Deals w/ Kim Orlesky


Selling: The Art of Closing Deals w/ Kim Orlesky

Written by Codie Sanchez

Sick and Tired of Cold-calls and Emails Gone Unanswered?

Whew, then this podcast w/ Kim Orlesky - Author, Sales Savant & B*d A$$ Chicks Is For You!

As a saleswoman at heart, having @KimOrlesky on my podcast, the ultimate saleswoman, who has been able to land names on her podcast like Grant Cardone, Guy Kawasaki, Nathan Chan was like unleashing a nerdy teenager at a Comic festival. Kim has made a living out of teaching others, particularly entrepreneurs, how to take their ideas and turn it into actual cash flow. You see the funny thing that most business people realize after they get out of marketing classes and into the game of marketing, is that nothing really sells itself. As I've said before if you build it, they will not come. You have to go find them and drag them in despite themselves. Consumers are drowning in a sea of choice and confusion. As a salesperson or a business owner, understanding how to create a sales pipeline, which CRM (client relationship management) software is best, how to define the right prospects, how to create a sales funnel, or when to take No as a No and walk away, is akin to finding the holy grail.

Because as my favorite CEO says, without sales there is nothing. Without sales there are no taxes for accountants to account on, no legal work for legal to attorney away for, no administration for administrators to, well you get the deal.  First you get the sales, then you get the lifeblood pumping through the organization.  Enough from me, let's hear it from the Master Kim Orlesky on straight closing.

In the podcast, we talk about: 

1. Her favorite sales funnels and how to close the deals that matter

2. How to sell anyone on anything

3. The easiest mistakes to avoid as a salesperson that you never thought of

4. The one thing you can do now, to increase your sales

If we use the prospect’s personal belief, and tie it into where they want to be: that ideal state or how much better their life will be when they purchase your product or service, you will be able to capture the prospect’s attention better.
— Kim Orlesky

So without further ado I hope you dig deep into this podcast with Kim Orlesky. 

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