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We are a mobile generation, aren’t we? From shared offices, to WiFi 30,000 feet in the air, to 60% of our population in the US participating in freelance work according to Fast Company, the 9 to 5 job just may be dead. While I am astounded by all we can do from outside the “office,” if I’ve learned one thing traveling almost weekly for years now it is, if you can’t handle surprises the wandering life may not be for you. That being said, once you get used to a dash of the unexpected, I challenge you to ever go back to cube life. I haven’t met one flyer who has returned to flightless mode yet. So fair warning if you choose the blue pill, the pill of perpetual freedom, exploration and an absurd amount of passport stamps, there is just no going back. You with me?

Then the question is how do people like myself run an international multi-million dollar investment business, a startup, keep that stubborn waist line under control, have a semblance of a social life, and manage to keep my saint of a spouse around?

Because here is the thing, I travel non-stop and I’ve camped before but hostels are just not my jam. I want kids, a whip and a house too. Which means that I want cash flow, abs yo AND continuous flight cabin glow.


In this column we are going to get up close, personal, non pc, and specific, about how to make travel, work and your life intertwine in a way that feels so natural it’s like a second Neutrogena soft skin.

Since the devil is always in the details, lets wrangle those little demons. Over the ensuing posts we are going to build up to the peak, the Everest if you will, which is how to get a job that pays you to travel the world and fulfill your inner wanderlust.

We’ll start with how to make you look like a Platinum pro on your next business trip, we’ll hit on how to ask your boss for a remote trial in your gig (stop saying that’s impossible for your situation, give me a chance to prove you wrong), and we’ll touch on how to setup side freelance opportunities while you are still depositing that paycheck.

Baby steps before we Neil Armstrong it all the way to the moon. Today we’re talking the tools of the travel trade, because what is a craftsman without his tools?

The travel goods. What I never leave home without:

1) My four-wheeled Tumi bag, which will save your shoulder and sanity. Also – never buy full priced, they are overpriced. They have sales on gilt, Ruelala, Nordstrom’s or at Last Chance constantly. Oh and for the love of all that is holy and sacred in this beautiful world, do not check bags. We are the carry on crew, ain’t nobody got time to wait for luggage.

2) Some form of a wireless charger, I use a Mophie which doubles as a cover for your phone as well as a free handheld multi-pronged charger. Let the amateurs fight over the one airport plug while you maneuver your Tumi like a race car driver through the sea of over-burdened plebs with a latte in hand.

3) Bose sound canceling headphones, and NOT the giant ear covering ones. My motto is think like a bird, be light, be aerodynamic, be as weightless as possible. Which means go for the inner ear buds that weight nothing and happily zzzz away while the baby next to you is doing her best impression of a horror flick scream.

4) A bag/purse/briefcase with a handle to attach it to your rolling carry-on. For a long time I fought this, I had my love for designer bags to contend with. I finally opted for a briefcase from Louis Vuitton (I know, I know) but I love it. I’ve had it for 3 years, stuff it to the brim, spill water in it not infrequently, and not a scratch on it. If you are traveling for business you need to be able to be on a call while wheeling your suitcase, ordering an Uber, and not worrying about if your bag is going to spill all over Terminal 3.

5) Last item, a Belkin keyboard for your iPad. This essentially negates the need for a laptop for me. It is wireless, charges every 3-4 months and doubles as a stand. I get overly excited just thinking about all the multi-tasking happening at one time with this bad boy.

Alright my little migrating chickadees, we start with the small things. Small little details to get you excited about your next trip because the devil truly is in the details. Next time we run with that excitement you’ll get from being locked and loaded, all the way to getting paid to pack up and go!

Get moving, standing still is a sure way to decay. See Here how one of my podcasters traveled for a year and used VRBO to ensure she never paid rent!



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