Job Hunting Is The WORST…

Isn’t it?

It is a self-confidence crushing endeavor… like worse than Tinder dating.

Here’s why:

The average job posting gets over 250+ emails. Seriously. Isn’t that crazy? Not to mention recruiters get the first resume sent to them within 200 seconds. Oh, and remember Monster, well 427,000 of your fellow job seekers post their resumes weekly. Terrible odds if you ask me. 

BUT it doesn’t have to be. Let’s break this down.

Here’s what I realized:

I’ve moved through 6 jobs at 4 companies in ten years, growing my paycheck by around 50-100% with each move. BUT, it didn’t start that way. It never does for any of us. You see when I went after my first job out of college I went to 3 job fairs, sent an ungodly amount of cold emails, bothered all my parent’s friends and just a few weeks from graduating I was about to have some debt but no post-college job to pay for it. I was a chronic interviewee unable to close. So, there I was sending 20 emails a day and lucky to get a human to respond to one of them.

And then after repeating this process job search after job search, I started wondering…why was this whole finding a job thing so impossible?

Get hired, Find a job, dream job

Once I started to be out there publicly, writing in publications like Forbes and became an employer myself I started to receive email, after DM, after LinkedIn message all saying the same thing.

  • “All I want to do is work, please hire me.”

  • “All I want to do is use my skills, how can I get a job like yours?”

  • “All I want to do is get a job that actually pays, can I pick your brain over coffee?”

And right about when I was going to judge them for the grossness that is the imagery of picking someones brain I remembered something, I had sent all these exact same emails and DMs.

Every time I was doing a job search back in the day mass emailing out my resume, I was committing these same mistakes.

That intrigued me. And then I got my 472nd email asking about how to get a job or for me to jump on a phone call about it. Honestly - I got tired of hearing myself speak about searching and explaining the same process over and over again. BUT I loved seeing the light bulb go off in peoples eyes when they realized it wasn’t impossible it was just persistent. AND I got obsessed when I thought about a world in which every human was spending their talents in pursuit of exactly what they were born to do.

 So I wrote this guide for you. Let me tell you WHY you aren’t getting the kind of job you want, WHY recruiters aren’t responding to you… and then HOT TO FIX IT!

The problem is as I looked at all the emails I received it was like an eternal Groundhog Day, I realized…



So for my next hiring search I documented it all. Got all scientific. I gathered the over 123 emails I received in response to my post for one job and read through them all. I talked to all my other CEO friends who hire hundreds of people a year… Suddenly everything made sense.

You see, the resumes were all pretty qualified. The humans were all great I’m sure. But after reading hundreds of potential hires I fell asleep.

Then I figured out why:

EVERYONE’S emails looked EXACTLY like 99.9% of all the other emails job seekers sent to me. And it wasn’t just them when I looked back at my emails I did the same exact mistake:

You see even my old emails sounded and looked EXACTLY like 99% of all the other emails being sent for job searches.

Here’s a few sentences I used:

1)     A self-starter

2)     Hard worker with a great work ethic

3)     Proactive problem solver

4)     Meet client needs

5)     Dynamic communicator

6)     A fast learner

Let’s be honest with yourself, does your email do the same? BECAUSE…

Back to the rest of the emails in my inbox. It was like watching a military parade where you can’t pick out a single human from the mass. Almost every single email contained one of those lines. EVERY SINGLE EMAIL.

The reason you are not getting a job usually has nothing to do with your credentials or whether you were the best applicant.

It’s that via email, you are boring. ;)

You are boring because like most people, you’re terrible at selling yourself via email. We all are naturally. I WAS TOO. Since we don’t realize it we end up doing the same, boring, stale process for MONTHS until we are desperate for any job, anywhere and slowly spiraling into a depression.

After reading, writing, reviewing hundreds of successful job application emails I’ve mastered the game on the template AND THE PROCESS to get the job that you actually want, instead of the one you can get.

It’s so simple we’ve turned it into science…. This template below….

It will teach you how to communicate in an engaging, unique way so that the interviewing process becomes fun and you win!

All of a sudden you have options, and are the one getting recruited.

Let’s be real, if you are a terrible worker with a resume full of grammatical errors and zero follow-through this isn’t going to make you a millionaire, but it will help you:

  • Get real responses and interviews setup

  • Let your personality come into your writing

  • Give you an exact formula to follow for job searching outreach

  • Teach you my follow-up process that has landed multiple six figure plus jobs

  • Explain the psychology behind how this all works


When you click you’ll receive a document with all the below:

·        A tested and proven email/message template for getting noticed by recruiters

·        Tricks to get recruiters to follow-up with you and see what they search on you

·        A strategy for closing jobs that may even seem like they are out of your reach

·        Tactics to get recruiters seeing you like that purple cow among a bunch of black and whites

Once you have this template recruiters will start responding to your messages and will actually want to meet you… not to mention if you follow the guide they may actually start seeking you out. AKA – no more cold emails HOORAY!

 But here’s the catch. We humans unless we pay for something, we don’t value it.

That’s why we keep all those articles in our inbox that we know we should read but WE NEVER read them. SO, the catch is… you need to put your skin in the game. That’s why you got to pay for this one.

Why? Because I want you to actually use it, and we don’t use or value things that do not have value.

Here’s what it is going to do for you.

This template will save you TIME and MONEY. A LOT of it.

Saving you MONEY: The average unemployment period for an American is 20 weeks, that’s 5 months with no paycheck. Since on average we’ve found this process to cut down this hiring process to 30 days. We’re saving you $22k+ if you were paid the average salary in the US. That’s a lot of dinero.

Saving you TIME: Experts say it takes you a month for every $10k in your salary. Sweet lord that’s a lot of months. If you make $100k that means set aside 10, even while working, to find that next 6 figure salary. With this process you can cut your timeline in half.

Remember: Life is too short to live small. This is your chance to aggressively go after what you want in life and follow a proven method to do it.

PS: if these methods do not get you at least 100% more interviews and responses, then I’ll give you your money back.. no questions.  

Now go see what it’s like to LOVE what you do for a living and GET PAID while doing it!

And as always, ADELANTE!