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It eventually became a voice that said, if you die with this thing inside you, you will have robbed the universe of something. And not only that but you will be on your deathbed and say, why?
— Wendi McGowan Ellis
Wendi McGowan Ellis - CEO & Founder Wendistry.

Wendi McGowan Ellis - CEO & Founder Wendistry.

Life is about moments. The moment you find your passion, the moment you decide to follow it and the moment you realize you can actually make money doing it. On this interview with Wendi McGowan Elise, CEO & Founder of Wendistry (think if Picasso met Anna Wintour and they had a tryst with Tory Burch), we dive into how she launched a successful fashion company, an online lifestyle magazine, all the while having one of those marriages that people write novels about. Her unconventional ideas on brainstorming over tacos on cocktail napkins each Tuesday with her dude, to creating a minimally viable product, to how to scale on the cheap, and never paying for advertising, are something any aspiring Karl Lagerfeld should take a listen to.

We talk about how to build your ideal client and define him or her, why even creatives need a process for their day and Sunday night planning sessions with your significant other. 

Since I collect words like a collector accumulates china, my favorite quotes from our interview by Wendi were tough to limit...

“Once you hit your forties you figure out who you are supposed to be when you grow up.”

“You have to listen to your inner voice, if you know you have something in you, start feeding what is inside you on the nights and weekends. You have to.”

“You cannot allow the thing into your life that needs to be there, if you are holding on to the other thing that you really hate.”

(On cutting out the things that don’t motivate you.) “You may hate it but it’s the devil you are familiar with and the scariest thing in the world is to let that thing go.”

 How Wendi Gets Creative: Made to Measure Channel – Karl Lagerfeld Sketches His Life

 The books that built her business:

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Hope you enjoy!!

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