Written by Codie Sanchez                                                                Topics: The Struggle Isn't Real

I tried everything to lose the 15 lbs I had gained and nothing worked, it became all consuming in my life. When I finally found something that started to turn around my life, it felt like a secret and I had to share it.
— Edie Feffer
Edie Feffer - Health & Fitnes Coach & Owner of Fuel.Fitness.Fun 

Edie Feffer - Health & Fitnes Coach & Owner of Fuel.Fitness.Fun 

The point of this podcast is to interview humans who are in search of becoming their best self, regardless of where they are in their climb, who share authentically what has made them successful, not just their highlight reel. Edie Feffer is assuredly one of those humans. A year ago she was 15 pounds overweight, unhappy, trying diet after diet, and self-admittedly suffering from a lack of self-confidence and a fear of putting herself out there. She was where so many of us have been or are, hating our bodies and letting it spill into our lives.

Flash forward to a year later, Edie is running her own fitness company, has hundreds of women in fitness and health accountability groups following her, and is posting videos on her facebook page of her working out and downing large quantities of blueberries (all with a giant smile on her face). She shares with us on The Struggle Isn't Real, how one image on Facebook of a transformation in her friend triggered her to say, "If she can do it, I can do it." And with that simple decision to rise to the challenge, Edie starting building her business, while working a corporate job, and most importantly, loving every minute of it. 

Edie's Secrets:

1) Beachbody (I actually use Shakeology every morning and I'm obsessed, I recommend to everyone who is trying to eat and be healthier with ease). 

2) Accountability Groups - Check her's out here.. she often hosts free groups to help with daily habits, losing weight, gaining muscle etc. 

3) Her Four Book Picks.. I can't wait to read them. "There is nothing like a good book to help fill your mind with the positive vibes you need to accomplish your goals." - Edie.

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